Important announcement

Both locations are currently taking new customers. We would love for your pup to become a happy camper! Please fill out our questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as we receive it. For current clients to stay in our system, they must bring their pup at least once per 60 days or they will be considered inactive. Any inactive pups will have to re-do their temperament test.

About The pup camp

The Pup Camp is a premium dog facility located in Severna Park, Maryland and Gambrills, Maryland. We offer dog daycare, dog boarding with 24/7 care, and premium dog washing. Our goal is to provide your dog the love and attention they deserve, guaranteed.

It's all about the dogs

Dogs having fun, being social, safe, and healthy is what we are all about. It’s our mission to provide your pup with the ultimate experience when in our care. A happy and tired dog means we did our job right.

Picture of Matthew Stewart of The Pup Camp

About the owner

Matthew Stewart has been working with dogs since he was 18 years old (18+ years) and has extensive experience with dog training, rehabilitation, dog daycare and boarding (Matthew also owns Dog Thrive in Gambrills & Annapolis, MD). He started Pup Camp with the mission of creating the ultimate experience for dogs to have a more healthy, social, and happy life with a place people can trust and respect, but also give back to the community. Matthew is proud to donate 100% of all new clients temperament tests to a local charity, rescue, or non-profit in the local community.


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