Important announcement

Both locations are currently taking new customers. We would love for your pup to become a happy camper! Please fill out our questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as we receive it. For current clients to stay in our system, they must bring their pup at least once per 60 days or they will be considered inactive. Any inactive pups will have to re-do their temperament test.

Birthday Parties

Our new birthday pup party packages are now in launch! Joyce of Puppylicious gourmet makes her treats and doggy cakes all natural, healthy, freshly bakes, personally delivered and specially made for your fur baby.

New packages to choose from

You can email your birthday party package order to Brandi at

$10 – dog birthday hat, bandana, personalized bone cake, pup-cake or donut.

$25 – dog birthday hat, bandana, mini 6” round cake or 5” x 8” bone cake.

$50 – dog birthday hat, bandana, 6” round cake or 5” x 8” bone cake, and 30 loose grab-n-go treats

$75 – dog birthday hat, bandana, 8” round cake, 50 loose grab-n-go treats.

$100 – dog birthday hat, bandana, 8” round cake, 75 loose grab-n-go.

When selecting treats or a cake for your pup, please let us know what color you want it to be. Joyce of Puppylicious Gourmet can do just about any color, let us know what you want the writing to look like and say as well.

Also, please let us know what flavor you would like. Puppylicious Gourmet offers: apple, bacon, banana, blackberry, blueberry, carob, cheese, peanut butter, pumpkin, raspberry, strawberry and sweet potato.

Set up a birthday pawty with us today!


No matter the age, we offer wash and dry services for all daycare and boarding clients.

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