dog daycare in severna park, md

The Pup Camp offers doggies daycare like no other in Severna Park.

Dalmatian posing for picture
Dog sitting on another dog inside The Pup Camp


We offer a special activity day every Friday to keep things interesting and fun for your pup. We also rotate groups through all three of our spacious indoor climate controlled play rooms, while also having outdoor space for the pups to get fresh air, get a potty break, and play when the weather is right. The Pup Camp separates dogs by size and temperament so your dog can be in the right group with the right fit.

keep your dog active

Whether your pup is young, in the prime of their lives, or a senior–socialization is key. The Pup Camp provides safe, fun, and positive socialization for pups of all ages and sizes!

a brand new dog facility

The Pup Camp was built from the ground up to provide the absolute best dog daycare experience. With multiple spacious play rooms, dogs are separated by size and temperament, they are rotated to new rooms every couple hours to keep them stimulated and excited. Staff oversees playgroups 100% of the time, and new fun events/activities are planned weekly. Your pup will  have a blast each time they’re in daycare.

Two dogs inside The Pup Camp Daycare
Hairy Dog Posing for picture inside The Pup Camp

We give back

The Pup Camp donates 100% of temp tests ($25 per dog) to a local charity, non-profit, or rescue. When you bring your dog to The Pup Camp, you’re also helping support a great cause in your local community. Our goal is to raise thousands of dollars each quarter while still providing the best customer service and customer experience as possible.

dog daycare Pricing*

Once your pup has passed their temperament test, they can come back without any reservation needed.

Our daily schedule

Monday to Friday

Open: 6:30AM
Play: 8:30AM – 4:00PM
Rest: 4:00PM – 7:00PM
Close: 7:00PM

Saturday & Sunday

Open Play: 9:30AM – 4:30PM

$34/day per dog
$29/day for additional dogs

$30/day per dog
$25/day per additional dog

$300 per dog
$240 per additional dog

$500/month per dog
$300/month per additional dog

$3 per dog

* All dogs are required to pass a $25 temperament test. Once your pup has passed their temperament test, they can come back without any reservation needed.
** Expires in 30 Days.

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