Fun On a Rainy Day With Your Pooch!

Some people do not like rainy days including our fur babies… Dogs tend to feel bored when it is raining since their owners will not let them out to play or will take one look at the rain and think heck no! You want to make sure you have plenty of indoor activities for your dog to do so they will not get into trouble with chewing up anything.

A dog needs mental and physical stimulation so he doesn’t end up on your bad list for that day. Below are some fun activities you can do with your dog on a rainy:

1. Have a bubble day with your pup!

A lot of dogs are intrigued with bubbles…especially when you show them that the bubbles can be popped. Dog bubbles can come in yummy flavors such as peanut butter or bacon. Think about it… a dog chasing after bubbles popping them would make for a cute photo for your social media.

2. Work Your Pup’s Brain with a Toy Puzzle!

Give your dog a puzzle toy to keep your pup from being bored. Puzzle toys are stimulating and entertaining, best of all keeps them out of trouble. Hide peanut butter or beef/chicken flavored treats in the toy puzzle and let them figure out how to get it out.

3. Fill a Kong Dog Toy with Peanut Butter!

Dogs love playing with kongs! You can get them in mini sizes and big sizes. Buy a kong and kill it with doggy peanut butter. This will keep your pooch occupied for a few hours. Give your dog this fun toy to play with and they will keep themselves out of trouble and entertained.

4. Play Tug-of-War, Soccer or Fetch With Your Pup!

Indoor games are your bestfriend when it rains and trying to entertain your pooch. Play fetch with your pup in your basement or living room. All dogs love toys and attention from their owners.

5. Play The Three Cup Game With Your Pup!

The three cup game is easy and fun to play. You can place a treat under one of three cups and then have your dog choose one of the cups! They will have to guess which cup has the treat in it. Once your pup gets the hang of this game, start mixing up the cups and make it challenging.

6. Let’s Not Forget About Cuddle Time!

After a day of playing, cuddle up with your pup and have relaxation time. We all need to snuggle up and relax! Most dogs love to lay on the couch with their owner!

These are all fun activities that you can do with your pup on a rainy wet day and will keep your fur baby out of trouble on nasty rainy days.

Two golden retrievers standing on a puddle. One of them is holding an umbrella

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