Tips on Keeping your Pup Comfortable During the Winter Months

1. If it is too cold for you, then it is too cold for your pup to be outside for too long!

Keep your pup inside where they can be cozy and cuddled up in their favorite blanket. Pups can freeze, become injured (especially those pups with leg injuries or arthritis) and some pups will even run away or become lost in the cold. Pups can become too cold outside and then want to run away to find warmth. We suggest to only keep your pup out no longer then 10-20 minutes at a time when it is freezing temperatures.

If you decide to take a ride with your pup in these freezing temperatures, make sure to bring a warm blanket to put on the seat with them. Also, never leave your pet unattended in a cold car… that can result in your pup freezing leading to health concerns and injuries. Always have the heat on when your pup is in the car with you.

2. After your pup comes in the house from being outside, make sure to always dry your pup especially their paws!

As soon as your pup comes inside, make sure to have a towel nearby to dry their entire body and pay closer attention to their paws. If a pup gets ice or salt in their paws, their paws can become very irritated. If it becomes irritated, your pup may start to lick their paw causing it to become raw.

Always check their paw pad to make sure there are no scrapes, cracks etc. You may want to consider buying shoes for your pup when they go outside in the cold months.

3. Make sure to keep your pup VERY HYDRATED!

Pups can dehydrate quickly in Winter just as they can in Summer. Some pups eat snow but that is not a good source of hydration. If you pup is going to be outside, make sure to always keep a fresh bowl of water outside for them and that they have easy access to it. Check their water often and if it starts to freeze up, break the ice and refill water.

4. Cozy blankets and beds are a must in the Winter months for bedtime!

You should never allow your pet to sleep on a cold floor in the winter. Having bedding for your pup is a must so they can stay warm and comfortable. You should place your pup’s head in a warm spot such as on a big soft blanket, pillows etc. Keep their head away from tiles and hardwood floors.

We recommend having them sleep in a favorite spot of theirs where they usually lay during the day. They will love sleeping in a familiar area where they usually hang out during the day.

These are all tips that can help and should be used to keep your pup safe, healthy and comfortable during the very cold winter months.

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