Top 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Daycare

Doggy Daycare: It sounds pretty indulgent. After all, daycare is for children, is it not?

Still, there are some pretty big benefits to daycare for your dog. The first daycare for dogs reportedly opened in the mid-1980s. Since then, they have exploded in popularity, especially in the United States. If you want the companionship of man’s best friend but occasionally lack the time and energy to give your furry family member everything he deserves, then here are the top five reasons you should consider dog daycare.

Periodic potty breaks

No one wants to spend an entire day without potty breaks, but that is often a dog’s reality. At a dog daycare, your dog will have as many comfort breaks as she needs. This is especially helpful if your pup is particularly young or getting up there in years or has other special bathroom needs.

Structure and routine

Just like children, dogs thrive on structure and routine. Daycares offer the routine your furbaby craves with the safe, structured environment he needs. We ensure your pup has everything she needs, from walks and playtime to naps and snacks. We monitor every interaction to make sure all our dogs are happy and interacting appropriately. When you are ready to pick your furry friend up, he will be tuckered out and ready for cuddles back home.

Dog Mental and physical stimulation

Dogs’ ancestors evolved to travel over large territories, hunting, sniffing, exploring, and interacting with others. Unfortunately, our modern lives often keep them trapped in our homes or in kennels all day long, stifling their natural urges. Daycare for your dog offers an alternative. With indoor and outdoor activities galore, your dog can spend her day bouncing off of ramps, running through tunnels, clearing risers, burning off her energy, and putting her muscles to the test. If he prefers the comforts of indoor play, we offer comfortable rubberized flooring made for just that purpose.

Not only is doggy daycare physically stimulating but also mentally stimulating, with lots of new smells, new lessons, new challenges, and new friends to keep your dog on her mental toes.

Dog Socialization

Speaking of new friends, happy, healthy dogs benefit from early, regular socialization. A well-socialized dog knows what other dogs expect of her and how to interact appropriately. He will be friendly and confident when meeting new dogs and will give off the right social cues so that other dogs are friendly and confident, too.

When your dog goes to daycare, she will get lots of opportunities to interact with both new friends and old faces. He will get regular reminders about his manners as he learns how to place nicely with other dogs of all ages.

Of course, socialization matters when it comes to meeting new people, too. At doggy daycare, your pup will get plenty of opportunities to spend time with some of his favorite humans, whether that means playing, snuggling, or just hanging out.

A happier, healthier dog

Dogs that spend a lot of time alone tend to get bored. Some might even become anxious. Bored, anxious dogs tend to be destructive: chewing, barking, howling, and tearing up your home. Worse, they tend to be unhappy dogs and can become neurotic, developing serious behavior issues over time. The right daycare can offer your dog a wealth of enrichment opportunities, mental and physical stimulation, plenty of exercise, interactions with fun people and friendly pooches, and a clean, safe environment.

Visit The Pup Camp today to find out more about how dog daycare can help your dog become happier, healthier, and a more balanced member of your family.

Indoor area of The Pup Camp dog daycare

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