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Superior Dog Services in severna park, md

The Pup Camp is the newest dog facility located in Severna Park, Maryland. We offer dog daycare, boarding, and dog washes. Our goal is to provide your dog with the ultimate care they deserve while providing superior relationships with both dogs and their owners.

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Why choose US

Built For Pups

The Pup Camp was built from the ground up to provide the best experience a dog can have while also giving back to their community. We have multiple spacious play rooms, full climate controlled airflow, indoor and outdoor play areas, and supervision staff 100% of the time.


The Pup Camp has experience like no other. We are trained, family owned, and passionate about superior dog care. Owner Matthew Stewart has helped thousands of dogs over the past decade in Anne Arundel County and provided top-notch care while being highly respected.


The Pup Camp promises to provide 100% honest transparency while providing the most safe, comfortable, and clean facility for the pups. We are here to make dogs lives happier, healthier, and provide them with proper socialization and play in the safest setting possible.
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Dog daycare

Doggie daycare services provide a fully monitored play with experienced and trained staff, fun activities weekly, spacious inside and outside play yards, multiple play rooms and fun playground equipment in each room. Our brand new facility was built from the ground up to provide the absolute best daycare experience your pup can have.

Dog Boarding

Coming Soon!

Let your dog play while you’re away! Our dog boarding services will provide report cards, supervised staff, full monitoring of feeding statuses and medications, full days of daycare during the day, and other fun activities!

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Dog wash & Dry

The Pup Camp offers dog washes for any daycare or boarding guests. After a long day of play, we can help make sure your dog smells great when coming home.

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