How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Pup

Pups love basically any toy you put in front of them. Some dogs destroy them more than others do. It is important to find the right toys for your pups.

We are going to give you a few factors that can influence choosing the right toy and good types of toys for your pup:

  • Age: It is important to pick the right toy for a young puppy. They are teething at a young age and any toy that is made of rubber is best. After the teething period, that is when you can move to interactive dog toys. When your dog reaches a senior age that is when you can move to softer style toys.
  • Size: Always pay attention to the size of the toy. The toy must match the pup’s breed and age. A larger toy would not work with a young small pup. A large dog can easily swallow a small toy. You need to buy a large toy for a large dog and a small toy for a small pup.
  • Safety: Make sure the dog toys you purchase are non-toxic. You want to purchase a toy that is rubber rather than latex. The non-destructible toys are the best in our opinion. These types of toys have no stuffing in them. You will not have to worry about your pup choking on the stuffing if you buy the non-destructible toys.

Types of dog toys you can buy:

  • Chewable Toys: A lot of pups enjoy these types of toys because when they press them with their jaws the toy makes a squeaky noise. Latex toys are stronger and last longer. When being chewed, the material absorbs and takes on its original shape.
  • Teeth Cleaning Toys: These are indestructible toys made of rubber. They help to remove a certain coating from the dog’s teeth.
  • Toys for Pulling: These are toys that can be pulled. They are usually made of rope, leather or durable rubber.

Toys are a good tool to keep your pup occupied especially when you are away from the house or in another room.

Dog chasing a toy

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