The Solution to Your Pup Being Antsy

Do you ever feel like your pup is very antsy inside or maybe following you around a lot or keeps standing by the door constantly wanting to go outside…

We have a solution that will help occupy your pup. Your pup will love a giggle ball dog toy. You can easily order this toy through the Chewy website and Amazon.

If you do not want to purchase this online, you can find this toy in-store at Bed, Bath and Beyond! 🙂

The Giggle ball is a ball that is very interactive with your pup and will be his or her favorite toy. This ball makes funny loud giggle noises when it is rolled or thrown. The ball mimics human laughter and happiness. 🙂

There are three tubes inside the ball that let out sounds when it rolls around and requires no batteries. This toy is awesome on a warm, sunny day. Let your dog outside to play and throw them this ball. They will chase this for hours and be so amused by it.

This is a #1 toy that we recommend to buy your pup. They have a new giggle ball now that glows in the dark that is great for night-time play too.

I promise you this toy will keep your pup entertained for hours. You will not regret buying this laughing ball for your dog.

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