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It’s Always Exciting Welcoming a New Fur Pup In Your Home!

Are you looking to buy a new puppy and bring it home? Are you looking for tips/advice on a new puppy adjusting to your lifestyle?

Welcoming a new fur baby in your home is always an exciting new experience but can be scary for the puppy too. Think about it, a puppy is being brought into a new home with new people and will have to learn to trust you as their owner.

Before your puppy sets paws in your new home, you will need to make some preparations. These preparations will help to ensure your puppy gets the best start to a great life with you.

Have a family meeting!

Raising a pup is a big commitment. Make sure everyone is on board with wanting to add a new family member. Talk about what everyone’s responsibilities will be and how they will play a role with the puppy.

Make sure to decide who will be the main caretaker so there is no confusion with the dog when it comes time for him/her to eat. You don’t want your dog staring at you with an empty bowl while arguing about who is going to feed him/her.

The family should come up with a set schedule for when the dog eats breakfast, lunch (if wanting to do lunch), and dinner. Once you become accustomed to this schedule, your dog will too.

Hammer out the house rules ahead of time!
Will the dog be allowed on the bed? On the furniture?
Where will the dog sleep?
Are any of the rooms off-limits to your dog?

Include all family members in decisions so everyone is caught up to speed!

Stock up on supplies!

Buy some of your supplies ahead of time! This is so important especially because wherever you go to get the puppy, there could be a chance you could be told no to taking the pup home if you don’t have essential supplies:
Crate, food, and water bowls
Dog treats (for training and rewarding)
Collar and leash
Bed and toys (chew toys, squeaky toys)

Create a temporary living space for your dog!

A temporary living space is so important for your dog when you are not home, so they can’t wander the entire home. This living space will help to prevent house training accidents when you are not home.

Make sure to select a room that is the center of activity in your home. You don’t want to make your dog feel isolated. The kitchen can be a safe place or the living room. These rooms are easy to block off with doggy gates.


Arrange for home care!

You will need a backup team in case you are not available for some reason. But make sure to create a strong bond at first with your new puppy.

Arrange for dog walkers, doggy daycare, or pet sitters.

Find a great trainer or class!

Attending group obedience classes can create a strong bond between puppies/owners and learning how to communicate with and train them.

This is the time to get your puppy fully socialized!

Bring your dog into The Pup Camp doggy daycare today to play with younger and older dogs!

Socialization teaches dogs how to react to the world in the healthiest ways.

These classes are recommended for younger puppies because they will get them the chance to become comfortable around other dogs and people. Your new puppy being surrounded by other dogs and people is essential for raising a safe, friendly, and outgoing pup!

You are ready!!!

Now you have learned the specifics and tips on when getting a new puppy! With all of these tips, you are ready to bring your baby home!

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